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Pianos and art supplies are welcome donation items. Due to the nature of the project, condition of pianos cannot be guaranteed or returned. If you have an old piano you are looking to get rid of, we will provide pick up from your location. If you are interested in decorating a piano, you may contact us directly at [email protected], or through the contact page. In addition, you can donate your time to help us locate and move pianos. This is an all-volunteer project undertaken by members of the Beacon community. Funding is minimal so we are accepting any donations and sponsorships from individuals and businesses. Your tax-deductible cash donations will be used to defray operating expenses and promotional materials. Any excess will be directed to create a fund to promote music education in Beacon.  Checks can also be sent directly to: Beaconarts, PO Box 727, Beacon, NY 12508. When contributing by check, include KTC on the memo line.

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